Marc Lerchs

Over 30 years of experience


The budget exists of two parts: the rental and transport of a grand piano on the one hand, the performance of the musician on the other.

The concept is mainly based on the encounter of the pianist with an exceptional instrument. Therefore, it is imperative that the musician can dispose of a grand piano in perfect shape.

The minimum required is a recent concert grand piano 2.70 m long, by Steinway, Bösendorfer, Bechstein, Ibach or Fazzioli. The musician will never play a stand-up, electronic of old grand piano in public.

The rental costs of the piano depend on the rental company, the model chosen, the place and time of delivery as well as the ease of access to the venue.

The fee for the musician is fixed. The only variables are the transportation and accommodation expenses in case of performances out of Brussels.

Special rates for event agencies and organizers.

All tailor-made concepts are possible:

  • Artistic direction of events
  • Theater performances
  • Theme evenings
  • New compositions
  • Musical workshops for team building